Why Medecins Sans Frintieres (MSF)/Doctors w/o Borders?

     Why not?  To Treat poor people, especially poor people living in poor countries and afflicted by curable conditions, now exemplifies the moral essence of medicine. 
I knew I always wanted to do field work in another country, early in my college years but it was a dream then. Took the leap & applied for MSF after my 30th Bday in Angers, Paris. What do I have to lose. 

For me, it is not just simply seeking adventure or wanting a job. 

The decision to do field work has to do with my desire to do Humanitarian Medicine. Life in developed countries is too easy as a consequence most patients forget how lucky they are and ignore the ordinary miracles in their lives. Constant surplus dulls our perspective about what a real disruption of life might be like.  

By contrast, people focused on survival are rich in such awareness and know a real problem when they see one. Their visits to the hospital are more likely involved matters of Life and Death; Desperation as much as Hope.

Practicing humanitarian medicine offers moral liberation to health professionals trained amid excess. You feel like the essence of a doctor. You get called upon to do everything, not just one specialized task. It is pure medicine- not defensive, anti-lawsuit, documentation, and or court-driven medicine. 
                         People don’t die of stupid things.

Early Oct, I received a letter from MSF  that extended the warmest welcome to join their team July 2015 to embark on this new journey 

Living & giving with no borders. Where will I spend 6wks-3months working for MSF?

I initially applied for Cambodia. A nonprofit, I've had the opportunity to be involved with since 2010, that helps survivors of human trafficking in Asia, Senhoa, is based out in South East Asia. Not only did MSF approved for me to work in Cambodia but also Myanmar. By February I should know which part of Asia I decide to settle in and call home. 

I am super excited for all the different things I will get to eat, see, people I'll meet . Oh and most importantly, my awesome boyfriend, John D. Russell (top Photographer) will be joining me. Hopefully he'll fit in my backpack.

It's like going on your own world tour ‪#‎GivingBackWorldTour2015‬. 

7 Months Countdown...