I wasn't sure what I was going to get you for Christmas.  Seeing as though it's our first Christmas together I knew I had to make it special.  I considered many gifts but none of them seemed to be worthy.  

One evening I was thinking hard about it and it dawned on me..

Your own website/blog!!!

I wanted to empower you and give you a place where you can write and share stories and photos and document all of the amazing things you do for others with the world.  Given we're about to embark on our first trip abroad together to SEA to visit Senhoa.org and DoctorsWithoutBorders.org - I figured it would be a perfect time for you to start writing and sharing.  

I of course will help and teach you how to run your own website as an added bonus.  :D

Keep kick'n ass and pushing humanity forward.  You are truly making a difference and I'm proud to stand by your side.  Merry Christmas baby.  I love you and am excited for all our future holds.  

Oh and y
ou're hands down - my favorite superhero.  <3