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Beyond the Lotus...

Two years ago, I was asked by my girlfriend if I was available to help her at a Senhoa Event, not knowing what Senhoa was I agreed. The rest was history. 

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Senhoa, is Vietnamese for lotus flower. Anybody who has ever observed a lotus flower emerging from a murky pond cannot fail to see the beauty of this exquisite plant, clean and pure. Beautiful symbolism of a Lotus best represents the Senhoa Foundation. 

Senhoa Foundation is a  non profit that supports vulnerable persons and survivors of human trafficking in Southeast Asia through prevention, rehabilitation, and advocacy programs to help reintegrate them back into society. At every Senhoa event, whether its in LA, OC, or SD, I tried to be there because it is an opportunity to raise funds and bring awareness towards the issue of human trafficking.

Senhoa Foundation is able to sustain in running its three programs though donations but also the sales of Senhoa jewelry. The rehabilitation and reintegration goes hand in hand through Senhoa's 'Our Own Hands' (OOH) program where survivors and vulnerable women are taught a new set of life skills, jewelry making, providing safe and secure opportunities to earn income, place to share their stories, and raise awareness against exploitation.

Imagine you are given precious stones to handle and make something beautiful out of it.

  1. Seeing your own creation come together piece by piece. 
  2. Someone you don't know purchases it, recognizing for your craftsmanship, loving what you made with your own two hands
  3. Your own self-worth and value skyrockets

That is exactly what it is like for these survivors and vulnerable women involved in Senhoa's OOH program. Handling precious stones, making something beautiful out of it, makes them feel precious and beautiful as well. 

I have my own career going but Senhoa and its mission to help survivors of human trafficking and bringing awareness towards exploitation has become a passion of mine. I have yet to meet them all in SEA but every single one has a special place in my heart already. The point of volunteering my time and efforts to help run Senhoa Events here in the states is to generate sufficient profits to remit back to the community development programs, like Lotus Kids Club (prevention/early intervention program) and Lotus House (Safe House for Girls) in Cambodia. 

Why do I love Senhoa & why many of us, like myself, volunteer our time & efforts to bring awareness to raise money? Senhoa is more than a non profit helping survivors of human sex trafficking & persons of vulnerability. Everyone involved, every where has become a family. Trying to Empower. Employ. Emancipate. Working towards the issue of human trafffickng in SE Asia. Please Share the love & wealth. Pass it on.

Are you interested in learning more about Senhoa Foundation & want to DONATE?

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