Kickstart 2015!!

In 48 Hours you can find me at Tom Bradley Int’l Airport walking pass TSA with my shoes on & backpack; No screeners for me!  Hopping on a plane to my 1st Mission Abroad LAX>BKK Thailand, Cambodia & Myanmar. Embarking to countries I’ve never been to but dreamed of & visit NGO’s that I love thanks to the support of my parents, sister, and words of encouragement from my boyfriend. He played a crucial role in getting me to actually starting a chapter on travels and adventures I’ve had down as “one day/someday” list.


A start to prep for my Doctors without Borders (MSF) program at the health facilities present both in Cambodia & Myanmar. 

 1st location of travel-- Siem Reap/Phnom Penh, Cambodia, not only for MSF but a wonderful opportunity to visit Senhoa, a non-profit helping  survivors of human trafficking and those of vulnerability in SEA through teaching them a new set of life skills.  I’ve been a volunteer helping the organization for a little over 2 yrs here in the states and I finally get to visit the Lotus Kids Club & meet everyone at the Lotus House in Cambodia. 

Next location, Myanmar (Burma) where Doctors Without Borders (MSF) also have 3 active health centers running that i am looking forward to work out of!! It’s all about new experiences, adventure, and support on this trip. 

Did I mention my supportive boyfriend will be joining me? Yup! He will pretty much help guide me along with travels so I don’t get lost. Between us, he’s the expert traveler, definitely not I. 

Our 1st Trip TOGETHER!! I am beyond ecstatic. So much so that I’ve been waking up an hr earlier than usual since Friday & been having a hard time falling asleep once i start thinking about how soon this trip is coming. 

A lot of 1st on this SEA Trip. 1st time: 

  • Traveling with a significant other
  • Traveling to Cambodia, Thailand, & Myanmar
  • Traveling away for 1 month and its not with any family 
  • Visiting Senhoa Foundation 
  • Prepping for Doctors without Borders (MSF)
  • Fully Taking advantage of GOES, TSA pre-Check 

I am beyond grateful and touched that my boyfriend decides to go on a month trip to SEA in support of me and what i’m passionate about like MSF & Senhoa Nonprofits where he will also be taking AMAZING photos for the Senhoa Foundation to help with marketing efforts. I try to support him in all that he does whenever I possibly can. I want to make this trip to be just as much about him as it is about my passions & I. He’s quite the professional photographer, creative & successful entrepreneur who simply loves to incorporate travel whenever, wherever possible. A portion of our trip to Myanmar is dedicated to scouting Myanmar as he gears up to launch his exclusive international photography retreat, Perspective. I am so proud and excited for his upcoming venture and projects just as much as my own. 

Many things will be taking place in 30 days. I will try my best to post with words or pictures as much as I can so that you can follow along on this 30 day Journey. 

My mouth is watering just thinking about the different food & Asian fruits I'll get to eat, anxiously waiting to basque in the beautiful cultures like sun rays, and looking forward to the people I’ll meet and help treat, to learn and hear their untold stories. 

 Who knows, I may even try eating a deep fried bug?….TBD Stay Tuned.