Kids will be Kids

Something I've learned from traveling with my awesome boyfriend, who so happens to be a pro-photographer, is how crucial it is to be present in the moment because then, you are more attuned, aware, and alert to capture certain moments around you. As we took a stroll, we came across a group of boys climbing a tree, swinging branches, and swimming in a murky pond, completely happy. The days of being care free with the essence of the simple life, to me that's a luxury money cannot buy. These kids will be able to have these moments as memories to look back on 10-20yrs from now and say "Remember those good old days when..." as their childhood, "The Good Life".

During our time in Siem Reap, Cambodia, we encountered countless drivers asking if we need tuk tuk and kids asking if we will buy postcards or bracelets. Well during a lunch break, 2 girls about 7-8 yrs old selling postcards and bracelets, turn to ask my sweet & bighearted boyfriend if he would buy a bracelet for whatever "special for you" deal they offered. 

After asking them a series of questions (i.e. Do you go to school?, Did you make these yourself?, Why aren’t you out playing on a Sunday? etc )

He gave in offering to buy a pack of bracelets from one girl since they go to school etc. Well, we ended up buying one pack of 10 bracelets from each girl simply because the other girl said “What about me?” 

That’s not the end of it. After 10mins they came back and hustled John to buy them ice cream. We asked them about the money we paid for their bracelets, they both looked at each other, smiled, and just said “you buy us ice cream”. 

After a good 5min of back-and -forth, we hurried to pay our bill to follow these 2 to a gelato shop (Yup! Legit Gelato Lab in Cambodia on Pub Street). 

The workers there (also Cambodian) looked at these 2 girls, obviously looking like working street kids, had confusion and concern of “what are you two doing in this shop?” 

I then made eye-contact with the workers to let them know that we’re paying for their ice creams. 

As they got their scoop of ice creams, smiles on their faces spread across their faces so big and bright, looking up at us and then the ice cream goodness in their hands, simply PRICELESS.

They giggled, said ‘Thank you', & left eating their ice cream in complete bliss. For a good 10min these 2 girls can skip hustling the streets of Siem Reap & just be kids enjoying ice cream on a Sunday.

In countries like Cambodia, I think its important for a kid to be a kid, just carefree for as long as they can, not rushed to grow up and skip school to work on the streets because money is more important.

Remember that: 

 1. Kids will always be kids regardless of where they are in the world “Same Same But Different” (love that this phrase applies to everything)

2. Shouldn't take much to bring a smile to a kids face

3. Doesn't matter how old you are ice cream can always brighten up any day. There's a kid in all of us still. 

A scoop filled with smiles to be shared.  

Of course after those girls got their sweet treats, it was time for John & I to grab some gelato of our own!