My Headlines Here For This Week 

“Blind cruelty”

A blind woman is beaten up by four policemen. The nurse introduces me to her seven-year-old daughter that acts as her eyes. I am briefly grateful for her blindness…I hide my tears behind it. 

“Where did your love go?”

There are countless cases of neglect…men that abandon their wives and children and leave them destitute. A woman comes to the clinic asking for help for neglect by her husband. As I wait for the translator to get the story from her, I stare at the abdomen of her child…a balloon tucked under his shirt. I walk over to him, and feel his tummy. He has splenomegaly. I ask the mother if she has taken the child to see the pediatricians. She says her husband does not give her money for it. I ask them to come back the next day, so I can help them out. They did not show up. 

“Black eyes”

That speaks for itself. I see countless women in a day that are beaten up by their husbands. Every day. It is so common that it would ordinarily not make it as a headline...

…but let’s make it one.