This was a 1st: having a patient’s husband phone me. He said his wife’s PMS was suddenly making her so enraged and vicious that he needed help so she wouldn’t hurt him.

I took him seriously and saw my patient. She had been overwhelmed and was happy that the husband had called me. Together we figured out that she was in perimenopause, the interval before menopause indicated by such signs as worsening PMS, more anxiety, or lower stress resilience. 

In extreme cases, your hormones get so out of whack that your mood goes off the rails. I recommended herbs such as chaste tree to help with her progesterone levels, and upped her calcium and vitamin B6. And she resolved not to lash out when she was mad at her busman and instead wait 2days before responding. PMS can be crippling for some women, so if its getting worse for you, know that its happening for a reason and you can do something about it.