1st assignment in Myanmar was about delivering adequate health care for  women and children in remote villages, like Sittwe, and refugee camps where Rohingya people resided. Most importantly, the main goal was to pass on knowledge to the midwives there helping them prepare for emergencies and identify a health structure where they can provide without delay for delivery in the event that MSF no longer resides there. 

With my long term involvement with Senhoa, (a non-profit dedicated to helping survivors of human sex trafficking and those vulnerable in SEA, through empowering, employing, and providing a prevention program) it seemed like the PERFECT fit to say yes to Papua New Guinea. 

 Photo from Médecins Sans Frontieres

Photo from Médecins Sans Frontieres

Papua New Guinea where problems of

  • Endemic/epidemic disease
  • Health care exclusion
  • Sexual violence

Domestic and sexual violence remains a medical humanitarian emergency in Papua New Guinea, with consequences at individual, family and national level.

With, MSF, I'll be able to work with the health authorities to provide access to free, good-quality, confidential and integrated medical care for victims. Not to mention work the maternal and child health project in Buin.

You can find me at Tari Medical Hospital & Buin!