I bought some school supplies to gift a center housing orphans in Bali.

And what better way to enjoy an ice cream treat than with other kids :) Before I knew it, my phone got swiped, damn city slickers.

I felt anger, violation, lost, naked and completely vulnerable. Filled with frustration and lost of words i obviously let out in tears.







Sitting at a corner wishing I was back at home where it was familiar for what felt like forever!

And then one of the kids from the orphanage, standing over me, tapped me on the shoulder with ice cream on his face, hugged me saying “Terima kasih, wayan Ristin” and ran off.

I realized i had 2 options at this point

1. Dwell on my phone stolen and miss out on exploring Bali Let one bad person ruin my perception of the people here. 

2. Dig deep and just simply let go because I can’t possibly undo what has been done. Be thankful that it was just a phone that was taken. Take this as an opportunity to be present, emerge in the culture and remain open to meeting the people not to mention unforgettable experience ahead. 

Guess what i went with #2. In retrospect it wouldve been a little better with a phone but I probably wouldve had my face hidden behind it vs engaging. Was a bit bummed and worried “i lost all my photos?!” (Insert Crying Emoji)

Well, did you ever come across an old film roll to rediscover photos you forgot or thought you lost? Well surprise surprise, thank YOUUUU iCLOUD, my digital film roll. Back from Bali, as i turned on my MacBook I found a few photos taken of my trip in Bali synced to the iCloud. 

I came. I saw. I ate. I loved. I laughed. I cried. Ate some more. And conquered to come back in one piece. 

MOOD: Blessed. Happy. Loved. Zzzz