There are people who have died from the on going monsoon and more as it continues in part of South East Asia. The greatest affected with death tolls you hear has been in Manipur, Indian State bordering Myanmar. Im still waiting on word if our MSF team will be allowed to dispatch out to Manipur state's remote village district that is in need of help. 

There are flooding and landslide in most of Burma. I just got back from my train ride out to Sittwe, Rakhine state regions where 140,000 Rohingya Muslims who currently living in camps had to seek higher grounds of shelter.

Due to the heavy monsoon some have been able to seek nearby monasteries but not all are allowed. 

Those who have been turned away for shelter during the disaster need help. Will need help with food, drinking water, and other essential supplies needed, not to mention medical needs will be my main priority. Fingers crossed. Lots of Love! <3